To have a successful website, you need to do more than show up in search results. You need users to click on your links and then become customers. One effective way to make lead conversions happen is through the content on your site. When you have compelling content, people are more likely to want to know more from your site. But that means you need to know why your potential customers are using your keywords in the first place.

Think about the reason behind intent

People search online for different reasons. Some want information, some want to find a product or service to meet their needs, and some are looking for a specific website. Regardless of the reason, they use keywords and phrases in their searching to achieve their goals. Understanding the intent behind potential customers’ searching can help you craft content that will grab their attention and lead them to your website. Specifically, it’s valuable to have content on your site that will pop up in search results no matter the intent of the user and offer variety in content that appeals to users’ intents.

Think about different types of intent-based content

It’s important to remember that content is not just about blog posts and website copy. That’s part of your content, but there are other ways to drive traffic to your site, as well. You can use FAQs, video content, downloadable content, and seasonal content that focuses on different intents of potential customers. In addition, you can tweak content you already have to appeal to different intentions of your visitors. For example, if you have a blog post sharing information, you can rework the content to focus on the products and services you offer for customers. This will help ensure your site appeals to every intent-based search.

Your site content can be a great way to bring traffic to your site and improve lead conversions. Take the time to learn the intent behind searches so you can tailor your content to that intent. With the right content, your site will be more successful before you know it.