It can often be difficult to maintain good rankings and a high level of engagement with your followers when social media platforms regularly change their algorithms regarding what should be ranked highly. Some of the best visual cues which can be used for optimal audience engagement and SEO rankings are those described below.

Creative statistical display

Providing statistics to emphasize a point is one of the best ways to convey information to your target audience, but the way those statistics are displayed can make all the difference in audience engagement and SEO rankings. Some of the best statistical displays and infographics make liberal use of graphical images to quickly convey the information to users at a glance, rather than presenting them with cold charts which have to be carefully analyzed to understand the information.

Effective use of typography

For quite a while, brands were creating social media posts that featured quotes, in anticipation of earning high rankings and audience engagement. However, recently this tactic has fallen short on engagement and rankings, due to overuse and inadequate presentation. By making effective use of typography and experimenting with various colors, fonts, and patterns, those same quotes can be used to engage more with users and to secure better rankings.

Artistic illustrations

These are visuals that rely on vector-based drawings and illustrations which complement the content of a particular posting. The most effective artistic illustrations are those where the colors contrast with each other, so they stand out and appeal to readers. Such illustrations can clarify the content, or pique the reader’s curiosity, but in either case, a higher level of engagement is achieved, along with a better SEO ranking.

Filtered photography

Everyone knows that images are one of the best ways of achieving a high SEO ranking, and engaging more fully with your target audience. However, it’s not really necessary to have outstanding photography skills, because filtered photography can achieve comparable results. Even images that are not professionally taken, can be made much more appealing by applying a pink filter for instance, or some other color which makes the image stand out better.