A well-done video marketing campaign can be a huge boost to any company’s marketing efforts. However, poorly made or badly positioned videos may reach the wrong audience or annoy the people they do reach. To help your campaign avoid that fate, this post looks at how you can set your videos up for success.

Don’t Stop at One Video

Like other marketing efforts, video marketing works best if it consistently reaches the audience. That means you should have a plan beyond making a single video because you’ll need multiple videos to keep an audience engaged. A predetermined production schedule can be your friend here.

Get to the Point Quickly

Your company is likely competing with a sea of other entities for your audience’s attention. Therefore, you should try to keep individual videos relatively short and to the point. For instance, Clodagh O’Brien of the Digital Marketing Institute recommends getting to the core message of your video within the first 5 to 10 seconds. 

Create Value for the Viewer

If you want to keep an audience engaged, it’s important that your viewers find value in your videos. Put another way, your videos should solve problems for your viewers. It can be helpful to ask yourself this question: If a viewer clicks on this video, what issue would they like solved? For instance, if the viewer wants to learn about a topic, then their problem is a lack of knowledge. Your video can solve that problem by quickly educating the viewer.

Pay Attention to Video Performance

Continual revision of your efforts is a vital component of video marketing. To do that effectively, you need to pay attention to how your videos perform. For example, if viewers consistently stop watching your videos at the two-minute mark, then dive in and figure out why that is. At the same time, if a certain video or type of video consistently outperforms your other content, then figure out which traits make it work so well so that you can keep those traits in mind when producing future videos.