If you’re trying to grow your audience through social media, you need to be on Facebook.

Even if you “don’t do” Facebook in your personal life or trust Mr. Zuckerburg, it’s still the biggest social network in terms of audience, which likely includes your current and potential customers.

Though standard Facebook activity like regularly posting updates, photos, and items of interest is a good start, a smart Facebook marketing campaign really takes things to the next level.

A Facebook advertising campaign starts by expanding your reach and allowing more people to ‘like’ your business and see your posts more often (Facebook’s mysterious algorithm is believed to limit the number of people who see any particular post at any particular time.)

It can also be customized to better reach a certain type of user in certain demographic groups – may be a certain region, age range, gender, or interests.

If you’re new to creating a Facebook advertising campaign, consider keeping these areas in mind:

  • Figure out your goal. What do you hope to gain from every post? Are you interested in increasing social media and site traffic? Are you interested in growing ‘likes’? Do you need more sales? Are you simply building awareness of your overall brand?  It’s even OK to say, “We’re trying to engage followers and grow awareness.”
  • Connect to your other pages. A good Facebook advertising campaign should make sure every post directs the user somewhere, such as your site or a current blog post. One smart solution is to create a landing page, which is a specific page related to whatever the post is about, such as a special promotion. The landing page can include more information and also get people excited about whatever product, service or promotion you’re offering. It can also be useful in tracking traffic and click-throughs
  • Consider design. Though what you have to say is important, especially if it gets people users excited to want to know more, a big ingredient is the look of your Facebook page. Are there photos? Links?  Easy to find contact info?

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