Predicting the future is tricky but trying to predict true marketing trends is even more challenging.

It’s easy to get excited about what ends up not lasting long, and equally easy to miss out on something potentially exciting and long-lasting. Some trends are also influenced by what others are doing, say Google or Facebook changing algorithms again.

So finding that fine line between “I hope this sticks around” and “I hope it goes away fast,” is crucial. To help you, here are five marketing trends that people should anticipate.

  • More opportunities for connections. It’s always good to collect data from customers, but there should be a purpose for it, and incentives to share. Consider combining interest groups together for different promotions, everything from in-person VIP parties to discounts at certain partner businesses.
  • More testimonials. Although these are sometimes seen as an afterthought, they actually can work well on a site. They don’t have to be text either – you can consider a short video testimonial, or provide someone’s link after their reference so they get value from it too.
  • More Personalization. Good marketers know how to spread a great message to the masses. But we also appreciate it when we receive something with our name on it. Some of these are done through merging databases to automatically populate the name field in a text message, email or direct mail piece. But you can also take the opportunity to write to someone. This also can extend to letting people customize their profiles.
  • Expanded video. You don’t have to go “live” as some social media platforms offer. But you may see more opportunities to create or upload short videos in places where you’re not used to them. Classified ads? LinkedIn profiles? Think of ways you can offer video services to your customers or clients through your site.
  • Stick with traditional searches. Interestingly, some experts say that voice activation isn’t quite ready yet in terms of quality. So look for more search boxes and ways to filter better at least

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