Marketing leads are the lifeblood of your business—they bring you new customers so the revenue can continue flowing in. And managing leads successfully includes two distinct phases of the strategy: lead generation and lead conversion. Lead generation means identifying, attracting, and connecting with a prospect, while conversion is when those prospects become customers.  But in between those two steps can be a marketer’s worst nightmare…losing the lead. 

So what actions can you take to attract new leads or find the ones that go missing after lead generation?

Start with these five strategies.

1. Invest in a lead discovery tool.

Especially if you’re having trouble identifying good leads, these tools can help you reach out to people who’ve visited your website and shown interest.

2. Focus on good customer relationship management (CRM) practices.

If you can funnel leads directly into CRM software (e.g. by connecting a web form to the software), you can follow up easily and you’ll be much less likely to lose track of any.

3. Check the company email’s spam folder.

If a lead is trying to get in touch with you but their message ends up in the junk folder, they might feel ignored and frustrated. You can avert this situation by checking the spam folder just as often as you check the regular inbox.

4. Involve multiple people in the process.

If all the responsibility for managing leads falls on one person, there’s more room for something to slip through the cracks. Ideally, there should be several people who can monitor incoming leads and follow up with relationship management.

5. Resolve technical issues quickly.

Marketers should work closely with the IT department in this area and swiftly bring any problems to their attention, whether it’s a website outage, email delivery issues, or software glitches.

By staying on top of lead generation and conversion, you’ll keep your customers happy and your business chugging along.