Cost Effective Email Marketing

It seems as quickly as someone discovered the email inbox was a useful marketing space, our servers became clogged with spam and junk mail. While spam has sullied the good name of email marketing, there is still gold to be found there. Connectly Marketing can help you find it with our effective email marketing services.

Cost Benefits

The prevalence of spam is due to the key advantage of email marketing – it’s absolutely free to send as many messages as you want. While you never want to inundate customers with needless inbox activity, picking and choosing your spots to find the right occasions or frequency can keep your customers informed and interested. Combined with compelling content and engaging social media activity, email marketing can be a part of a balanced campaign to keep your brand in front of your customer’s eyes.

Direct Communication

Email marketing is also one way to stay in direct contact with customers. Combined with data and research, Connectly Marketing pinpoints the best message to send to whom (and when to send them), so the recipients never feel like they’re just on some marketing list. This direct communication supports your brand and your voice and offers a sincere level of connection that still isn’t found elsewhere in advertising.