Compelling Content Engages Customers

Your company’s website is a platform for your brand. As an extension of that brand, crafting strong content that informs and engages your customers gives you a leg-up over your competition. A viral blog post or YouTube video has the potential to bring millions of new eyeballs to your website and brand your company as the expert in its field. Connecting with your customer base this way can also feel organic in a way that direct marketing often cannot.

Dealing With the Algorithm

Search engine optimization and management involve crafting your content in such a way so that when someone is searching online for a solution to his or her problem, your company displays high in the search results. It is a very cost-effective way to market directly to the people who are actively searching for your business but may not know it exists.

However, building your content around a search engine’s algorithm can often be a bit of a fool’s game. As search engines become more context driven and more thorough in their results, they weed out content artificially constructed around commonly entered search subjects or phrasing.

Connectly Marketing’s advantage is in building natural language content that invites clicks and shares. This helps reinforce high search rankings and keeps your company at the top of results. Contact Connectly Marketing today to build out your content marketing strategy.