In today’s competitive marketplace, online reviews are integral for boosting the trust of prospective patrons and retaining them as loyal customers. Online reviews foster a sense of familiarity and reputability, while also providing an additional means of marketing for small businesses and brands.

Some ways to build online reviews and boost customer trust in your company are:

Positive Reviews

Positive reviews can influence prospective and future buyers; share positive reviews widely. This feedback is more important than you may think; in addition to breeding trust with new customers and clients, it can generate interest surrounding your company and increase your site’s conversion rate, which helps create an online stir.

Prompt Response

Take time and make the effort to respond to both positive and negative reviews. If the feedback is less than stellar, engage the customer to find a resolution to their conundrum. This may change some patrons’ opinions when they see you trying to help them out.

Social Media

Never ignore the power of social media as it impacts over 50% of online and offline buying choices made by millennial consumers. Take advantage of this by keeping your social media pages current and relevant.

Good Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to reviews; too soon, and the customer may not fully know how they feel about your product, service, or brand, and if you wait too long, many customers forget or lack enthusiasm about reviewing the item. If you sell a product, like a beauty aid, for instance, ask right away for the customer to provide feedback. If you offer a service, like plumbing repair, wait a week or two to ask customers for reviews to ensure their situation is resolved and working fine.  Make it easy for them to leave feedback by providing a link in your reminder communications.

Customer Incentives

Go ahead and offer incentives for reviews, good or bad. Give those that leave feedback a future discount or some sort of promotional product to build up your online reviews. Industry experts report that over 50% of buyers report that they don’t usually leave feedback on a purchase unless motivated by an incentive of some kind.

Pay close attention to your online reviews and what customers are saying about your brand. This feedback goes a long way toward attracting new business and encouraging past patrons to buy again.