In the past, it used to be simple to increase your search rankings, just by writing a lot of content and submitting it to an article submission website, and you’d instantly get some backlinks to improve your rankings. These days, that approach could actually cause your site to be downgraded in the search rankings, so improving your Google ratings has to be done according to current SEO methods approved by Google.

Here’s how you can go about that.

Make a point of learning what Google wants 

When it comes to the SEO principles which impact search rankings the most, Google is the unquestioned leader in the marketplace. Google’s overall mission is to ensure that website content has value to readers, which means when you build backlinks to your site, you need to observe Google’s directives on that subject. That means you have to provide content which is well-organized and easily readable, and the information offered must be useful to all those sites which you want to provide backlinks to your site.

To get your site indexed as quickly as possible, you should input your site URL to Alexa, and then check on the metrics. Alexa will then add a new page to the database which is optimized so that when Google crawls the Alexa site the next time, the new content you added will be detected by the search engine. Once the search engines have indexed your site, you’ll be ready to set up some Google approved backlinks, and improve your SEO rankings in Google.

Scale your link-building efforts

There is a rule called the 90/10 rule associated with link-building, which says that 90% of the effort involved should be directed at creating great content, while the other 10% of your effort should be allocated to actually building the links. When you’re trying to create high-quality backlinks to your site, it’s important that you don’t get bogged down with trying to create a bunch of backlinks and instead focus much more time generating high-quality content. Keep in mind that the best way to create scalable link building is to produce content which is of high quality, and has great usefulness to a wide audience. A single high-quality posting can generate a great number of backlinks to your website.