Social media platforms have a lot of power for businesses. Use them well and your business grows. Use it poorly and it’s simply a time suck that doesn’t do a thing for your company.

Social media engagement is when someone interacts with your business. Likes, follows, shares, click-throughs, and retweets are all different types of engagement. Treat social media like you would a dinner party. You want to invite people in, get them talking with you and hope they leave and talk about you with their friends. Increasing social media engagement will get you noticed online.

How to Increase Social Media Engagement

In modern marketing culture, you can’t just talk about your product and expect to find customers. Today’s consumers are savvy and informed. Your conversations with customers have to be useful and relevant to the customer, not just to your business. Having a plan to engage with your customers is one of the first steps to increase engagement through social media.

  • Have a goal in mind.  What do your followers gain when they follow you on social media? What is your purpose in increasing social media interaction? Are you looking for feedback? Do you want to educate customers? Are you building a brand?
  • Who are your customers?  Knowing your customer will help you figure out which platform to use, how often to post and what types of posts your customers will engage with.
  • Create high-quality, valuable content.  Consumers won’t engage with your brand unless you are sharing information that really matters to them. They won’t retweet or like your posts unless you’re sharing solutions that address their needs.
  • Reach out to customers who contact you.  The posts you create are proactive ways to interact with customers. When customers contact you, have a plan to be reactive. How are you going to respond to negative comments? How will you pass on information? What kinds of tools can you use to respond to customers?

Social media engagement builds your business when you do it right.