For most businessmen, one of the main necessities is to generate more leads, so there’s a chance for your sales to increase and so your business can experience real growth. That being the case, your website will generally provide the most useful platform for your lead generation initiatives, assuming you can find the best way to manage that from your site. That’s where eBooks come in. Many visitors to your website will be willing to exchange their email address for an eBook which provides value to them and satisfies either their curiosity or some legitimate informational need they have.

How It Works

Once you have a really good eBook on your website, you can use all your other marketing channels to bring attention to it. When Internet users learn about an eBook on your site, they just might pay you a visit to see what it’s all about, and many of them will be glad to give you their email address, so you can send them the eBook, or so you can allow them to download it from your website. In addition to promoting your eBook through the social media channels, you can send out an email blast to everyone on your list, and ask them to tell all their friends about it, so you get the maximum exposure for your eBook, and the best chances for lead generation.

Developing Your eBook

You may already have the writing expertise in-house for the development of your eBook, but if there’s no one on staff who can write and edit well, you might consider some other alternatives. There are literally tons of freelance writers available today, and you can surely find one who can do a great job for you at a reasonable price. You might also need a graphic designer to create some good images that can accompany the writing because readers do like to have text broken up by interesting graphics. You may also have an agency affiliated with your business, which can do the writing and designing for you. If so, it will be worth your while to give them this task, because the return you’ll get from good eBooks will definitely make a significant addition to your lead generation efforts.