Pay-per-click (PPC) strategies and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies often seem to be two separate issues. If you’re doing well with your organic SEO campaigns, you might be wondering if you need to include PPC strategies in your marketing budget. Here are some reasons you need to include both PPC and SEO strategies for online domination.

Owning First-Page Real Estate in Search Results

Google displays paid search results above the SEO organic rankings. When you don’t use PPC as part of your online marketing strategy, even if you’re #1 in SEO, you’re pushed down the page by the paid results. PPC can support your SEO and vice versa.

SEO and PPC Work Together to Determine Conversion Value

SEO takes time to really see results. You get quicker results with PPC to watch traffic and find effective marketing campaigns. Using PPC strategies can give you more information to find the right keywords that will convert more effectively.

PPC Gets Faster Results

PPC strategies can benefit your SEO rankings by letting you advertise offers with a time frame. PPC gets your pages listed quickly, so if you’re getting started, it can help build your audience while you’re waiting for SEO to kick in. But, if your SEO strategies aren’t in place, the quick results won’t translate long-term. You can’t have PPC without SEO to get ranked for relevant searches.

PPC Lets You Market to Casual Searchers

PPC can help you target people who showed an interest in your business but didn’t convert. You can keep your brand in their mind through a PPC campaign to get these searchers into your pipeline. With PPC, you can direct shoppers to pages that result in high conversions, making sure that your potential customers get the most relevant information about your products. They might not otherwise click on those particular pages through your SEO tactics.

PPC and SEO actually go hand-in-hand. It’s important to consider both tactics in your marketing efforts.