Keeping up with digital marketing trends is important for keeping your business strategy relevant and successful. Here are five of today’s digital marketing trends for you to pay attention to so you can attract and keep customers.

  1. Give customers a platform to leave you reviews. Whether they’re Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or a testimonials page on your website, these signals to new prospects that you have happy, loyal customers who are eager to spread the word. However, today’s consumers are also savvy enough to smell a rat when a business tries to manufacture this loyalty by paying for fake reviews. Feel free to ask clients for reviews, and encourage them to be honest. The best way to guarantee yourself a stellar review is to do excellent work!
  2. Emphasize content quality over quantity. It’s not good enough to write subpar website content or blog posts stuffed with keywords—search engines don’t like these, and users don’t either. Good research, a professional writer, wisely used keywords, and real answers to the questions users have will all take you a lot further than half-hearted blog posts and set you apart from the competition
  3. Get visual with it. While many people like reading articles, others prefer watching a video instead, so it’s smart to diversify what type of content you create. Make videos explaining your service or how to use your product. Share them on your site and social media.
  4. Use AI technology to personalize content. These days, companies have a lot of options to individually tailor their users’ experiences. From chatbots to voice assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home) to dynamic email content, you want to talk to your customers with the language that’s most compelling for them and serves their needs.
  5. Google yourself. It’s important to know what users see when they Google your business. Ideally, they’ll be able to find your contact information, hours, and other valuable details from that search alone. You can accomplish this by working with an SEO professional and/or setting up a Google My Business profile.

Armed with these digital marketing trends, you’re ready to impress customers and maximize profits for your company.