All startups should always be focusing on getting the word out all the time – consumers are notoriously guilty of getting distracted and completely forgetting what we were thinking about.

This is why well-established brands like Coke and Pepsi still pump billions into their promotional budgets, instead of accepting that “people already know us and like us.”

But what about a company that’s just getting started?  The short answer is “promote yourself a lot, and do it even more.”

Startups must put maximum effort into simple awareness and recognition, especially if they offer something similar to what’s already out there. This means looking for ways to get the word out, using a sensible digital marketing strategy.

Your digital marketing strategy requires education, persuasion, and even fun since you’re basically introducing yourself to potential customers and asking them to give you a chance.

On the digital side, it means you must wow them with your site, your social media channels and even landing pages for promotions. You can send out regular texts, or take steps to make sure you rank high in searches.

A good digital strategy means knowing something about all of these areas, along with knowing your ideal audience and the best way they’ll respond.

Sensible digital strategies include:

  • Remember email. While person-to-person email might be slower than texting, email marketing by a company is still useful. You can have more room to describe your product or promotion, and emails are easier to search than past texts.
  • Create memorable content. Doing this right requires planning when and how to get your messages out, along with encouraging readers to respond and share.
  • Look for influencers. Having someone with a big following promote your product organically is a great way for startups to build loyalty. Of course, you have to figure out ways to make sure they’re aware of you.
  • Retarget ads. This strategy allows your online ads to follow people even after they leave your site. It can be a nice reminder later of what you offered and may encourage purchases.

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