Building backlinks from respected, credible websites is a powerful way to improve your search engine ranking and industry authority. If you have yet  to leverage this aspect of online marketing, try these tips to grow your business:

  • Make connections: In order to enhance your standing online, you should seek backlinks from well-known and respected industry influencers. Earn these links by building connections with other business owners and industry thought leaders. Start by following them on social media and participate in conversations, comment on blog posts, ask or answer questions, etc.
  • Write great content: If your content is helpful, entertaining, surprising, reveals important new information and/or shows a unique perspective on topics your readers care about—you’ll naturally get shared. People love sharing terrific content because it makes them look good, too. Highly sharable content typically features eye-catching, well-tagged images–so use the most and best you can. Higher word counts, plus clever, relevant content titles and meta data can help increase your thought leadership quotient and reveal your expertise, along with your quirky, likable and/or approachable personality. All these elements help attract attention and inspire sharing. Blog regularly and also publish on Medium, LinkedIn and other appropriate sites.
  • Take a survey: Some of the most exciting, relevant and current data in your industry can come from you! Put together a survey, analyze, and use the results or responses you receive from people in the know to create irresistible content. Add an overview of your data’s significance and share. The Web is hungry for credible stats, which are likely to be quoted by others in the industry. The work you’ve done to get the data can help you become a respected player in your line of business. (Consider creating an infographic, as an eye-catching way to get your survey data out–and earn shares.)
  • Link to others first: Link out to other major companies and thought leaders within your content. Then let them know in a friendly email, without overtly asking them to do the same for you. This puts you on their radar–and they may backlink to your content in turn. Perhaps you can guest blog for one another, or you might ask to interview the influencer on your blog.

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