When you’re involved with digital marketing, it’s important that you know which tactics are actually reaching your target audience and which ones are not.

Here are some of the best ways to figure out which marketing tactics are most effective, and which ones are garnering the most leads for your business.

Set up unique landing pages

One technique you can use to find out what’s working best for you is to set up unique landing pages for website traffic coming from pay-per-click ads, and another landing page for traffic from display ads. Assuming you can easily create separate landing pages, this technique will make it very clear which is the more successful and useful method for gaining leads.

Monitored phone lines

A very good method for tracking traditional marketing tactics is to have tracked phone lines installed. If you can set up unique phone numbers that are associated with different channels you’ve used for advertising, it can tell you exactly how users heard about your message. For instance, if someone calls you on one phone line, it means they heard a radio ad that you ran, and if someone calls you on a different phone line, it means they saw a TV spot.

Campaign-specific codes

This is another really good method for tracking traditional marketing methods, especially things like radio, TV, and print ads. By including codes that are specific to each medium, you’ll know exactly which ones are reaching the most customers. You can include keywords on your print ads and on your TV spots, and you can have radio ads refer to a specific catchword as well.

Use social media hashtags

You can track exactly which social media platform is most successful for promoting your products and services by using unique hashtags. You can make the codes or hashtags very similar for the sake of consistency, but keep them slightly different, so your digital marketing efforts can track exactly which platform traffic is coming from.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best digital marketing tools and one of the best ways of gaining an understanding of your audience, in terms of where they’re located, and the type of content which appeals to them. Since Analytics can track IP addresses and provide geographic data, you’ll know where most of your traffic is coming from, and you’ll know where you need to focus your efforts on the next campaign.