If display ads are part of your online marketing campaign, make the most of the exposure. Consider implementing strategies that will help narrow-in on your target audience, creating a more successful outcome for whatever you promote.

Six tricks that can enhance the performance of your display ads are:

Find Your Audience

If you want to quickly hone-in on your target audience, Google offers in-market audiences comprised of internet users that have searched for similar products or services to what you offer. The best way to determine if this is a successful approach is to carefully separate your audiences and gauge the performance of both groups over a specific time frame.

Learn More About Targeting Placement

Again, weed out the prospective consumers that will patronize your company with some of the targeting options found online for advertisers. Consider targeting viewers by interest, which would be a great way to share a unique niche with a like-minded audience. By targeting placements, you are paying to have your ads on specific types of sites that may- or may not, your choice- be related to what you offer.

Seek Similar Audiences

Are you familiar with Google AdWords Similar Audiences feature? This setting and paid placement strive to find users, viewers, and online searchers with browsing habits that reflect or are similar to your desired audience. This is connected to remarketing, which can boost performance, too.  performance.


Speaking of Remarketing, this is a tactic that permits you to leave a cookie behind through the browser of the visitors to your website. This then allows you to target display ads toward those visitors- narrowing in on a potential buying market. This also helps to foster familiarity with your brand, logo, or name.  

Get Rid of Games

Make sure to monitor and check the placements of your display ads periodically; this also helps ensure that your ads aren’t being wasted on mobile game placement. This occurs when kids use the phones of parents, which provides varying information and interests for the browser and placement technology. Just keep your eye on it.

Pay Per Click

Pay Gmail to get clicks through to your website via advertising on their various sites or placements. Advertisers pay on a cost per click, but each click brings a potential buyer to your door. Also, you are not going to be charged a second time when the user proceeds to your company’s site.  

Your online audience can change daily; make sure that your display ad is reaching the screens of prospective customers and potential clients. Use these tricks and tips in your display ads and monitor the results to determine the success of your marketing campaigns.