Analytics are an important part of your web presence. Keeping track of what’s happening on your site from behind the scenes can make the difference between achieving your goals and wasting your time and energy. Here are some tips you can use to maximize your analytics.

Learn your audience to segment customers. Using analytics to learn about your customers can be valuable. It gives you the opportunity to see the types of people who are visiting your site and how they interact with what you have to offer. When you segment your content and marketing efforts, use that information to know how you should segment your customers.

Be specific with your goals. The more specific your goals are, the easier it will be to work toward them. If you tie your goals to monetary value, including return on investment, you can use analytics to track your progress toward those goals.

Pay attention to conversion paths. No matter how you set up conversion paths, your customers will have their own experiences with your site. Use your analytics to understand your customers’ conversion paths. You can use that information to maximize your conversions and achieve your goals.

Monitor unusual activity. Unusual activity is going to happen. It can be easy to write it off as an anomaly. But it’s important to track unusual activity in case there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to make positive progress in your organization.

Compare past trends to current trends. It can be easy to focus on what’s happening with your analytics in the present, especially when you have the campaign to track. But it’s also valuable to compare past trends with current trends. That can show you progress or areas in need of improvement in your efforts.

Add notes to reports to make information clear. When you look at your reports, especially if you come back to them later, things might not make as much sense. Keep notes about what’s going on in your business (product launches, email campaigns, or other events) so you can better understand your analytics reports.

Running analytics reports is a good way to get insights about what’s going on with your website and campaigns. But in order to maximize your efforts, use these tips so that your reports will work for you.