You may be familiar with LinkedIn as a great way to cultivate connections. But did you know it can also be a key part of your marketing efforts? Through all of the social media upheavals in the last decade, LinkedIn stands strong as a powerful networking tool. It also gives business owners strategic methods of leveraging influence in their market sector. Here are several easy, effective ways to make the most out of LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimize Your Profile

Consider what relevant keywords you’d like a search engine to find in your profile. Then, sprinkle the keywords carefully throughout, in a way that makes sense and flows naturally. Your profile summary or profile headline may contain the keywords. Once you’ve added keywords, it’s a good idea to show your profile to a trusted colleague who can give you honest feedback on how smoothly and authentically your profile reads.

Optimize Your Links

Within LinkedIn profile Contact sections, there are default anchor texts built-in to make things efficient if you’re inputting quickly. To make your profile stand out, take the time to modify the anchor text for a more appealing look. Casual visitors are more apt to look twice if your profile links are customized.

Have Skills Endorsed

It’s one thing to list skills on your profile, but it’s even more credible if others endorse your skills as well. A good way to get started is to endorse the skills of respected colleagues; likely, they’ll return the favor. Once you have an accumulation of endorsements, you can edit and prioritize them as you wish.

Optimize Your Company Page

Your company page is crucially important and should be set up carefully so that it’s complete and compelling. Study similar companies you admire to get inspiration. Make sure that you use the latest layout and complete every section you can, including a high-quality banner image. If you want to feature your products and services, using a Showcase page is ideal.

Post Company Status Updates

Producing new, fresh content and posting regularly is an excellent way to build a reputation for expertise and relevance. It’ll also attract a larger audience to you and your company page. LinkedIn has a sophisticated audience targeting tools to help you bring your posts to the right people at the right time.

LinkedIn’s platform is becoming fuller-featured and more user-friendly by the day. Try these strategies to help extend your reach and influence in your network!