Email marketing campaigns need to need to convey the right balance of personality and professionalism. Here are 13 tips for successful and professional email marketing.

1. Target Your Subscribers

Ideally, the core of your subscriber base should be made up of folks who have opted in.

2. Personalize Your Communications

Try to use a platform that will enable you to automatically fill in subscribers’ names to add a personalized effect.

3. Solicit Responses

Engage your subscribers by asking to hear back from them. They’ll be less likely to delete an email when they see that a sender hopes for a response.

4. Create Emails That Are Easy to Read on a Mobile Format

A lot of people read their emails on their phones, so you’ll need to choose a format that will have visual appeal and be easy to read in mobile format.

5. Write Good Copy

Emails need to contain clear and compelling information. Email marketing should be free of useless clutter, gimmicky language, or repetitive content.

6. Use Bold and Direct Subject Headings

Use clear and professional subject headings to summarize to the body of your email and emphasize the most important part of what you want to convey with your email marketing efforts.

7. Include Useful and Striking Content and Context

Relevant and timely links in addition to information about news and events near you can help make your emails stand out and resonate with readers.

8. Organize Your Campaign

Email marketing needs to be thoughtful and organized. Avoid rushing last-minute compositions.

9. Test Your Execution

Send yourself test emails before you send out a mass-communication, but of course, be sure to copy yourself on the actual mass email.

10. Evaluate and Utilize Your Data

Use a platform that allows you to draw data from your user’s responses to your email so you can apply their input to craft better emails in the future.

11. Make Unsubscribing Easy

You don’t want to plague anyone with unwanted emails that they can’t stop. Your emails should have a readily accessible unsubscribe feature so you won’t be targeting the wrong people.

12. Don’t Be Spam

Avoid language or routing services that will get your emails labeled as spam.

13. Show Your Subscribers Gratitude

Show your subscribers that you value being connected with them. Thank them for reading, extend promotional offers, and show appreciation for their feedback. Subscribers will be more likely to stay engaged with you when your emails contain positive, appreciative language.