Creating an app is an investment you will want to optimize with smart app marketing tactics. To drive adoption among your customers and/or audience, try these tips to get the word out. 

  • Research your users and competitors: Know who you are designing your app for and what they need. Look at competitor apps and learn what might work for you and what you’re better off avoiding. Keep doing this after your app release, looking for functionality and features to add in future app updates.
  • Create a truly useful and smoothly functional app: Don’t create an app unless you (and the market) have a clear need and use it for one. Then make sure the app is well-designed to accomplish its purpose without frustrating the user. A helpful app that works well will gain a following.
  • Blog: Blog to announce the release of your app and all updates.
  • Use email for app marketing: Market your app at all relevant customer touchpoints, which includes a link to the app in your email communications. Some emails will have more than just a link and will be focused on promoting the app itself and its usefulness.
  • Use social media campaigns: Promote the app on social media, add screenshots to Instagram, run awareness campaigns on Facebook and more.
  • Contact influencers: Relevant influencers can help you promote your app, just like they might help with other marketing aspects of your business.
  • Sign up beta testers: This can provide excellent intel and win the loyalty of your interested followers, early adopters, and regular app users.
  • Optimize your app store listing: Use relevant keywords in your app description and include attention-getting and explanatory screenshots. Ask for user reviews to boost the position of your app in-store search results and to get useful feedback.
  • Use app reviews and feedback to refine: Update your app regularly to correct any errors, decrease loading time, streamline its services, and/or add widely requested functionality. 

Following this guidance should help you get the word out about how your app will make your clients lives easier For more online marketing tips and insights, check back here regularly. Get customized app marketing for your business by contacting Connectly today.